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Ethiopian Adoption Update

Posted by Brian Borgman on July 2, 2011

Our apologies for the lack of upkeep on information regarding our Ethiopian adoption. Unfortunately, there has not been much to share up to this point. However, we are happy to announce that our dossier (a collection of documents about Cassie and me for the Ethiopian government) has officially made it to Ethiopia!

The following is a quick rundown of what has taken place with our adoption up to this point and what the next several months hold for us.

  • Our Dossier and Home Study were completed and delivered to Arise for Children (our adoption agency) at the end of May
  • Since the end of May through the end of June, our Dossier and Home Study has been reviewed and approved by Arise for Children; shipped to Utah to West Sands (Arise’s Ethiopian adoption program partner) where it was also reviewed and approved; then shipped to Washington, D.C. for authentication; and finally shipped back to West Sands who sent it on to Ethiopia.
  • Last week, Cassie and I had to get our fingerprints taken at Homeland Security.  We’ve already received those back and confirmed we are not wanted, hardened criminals.  The Homeland Security information will be on its way to Ethiopia next week.
  • At this point moving forward, we will simply be waiting for the referral for our children.  Ethiopia’s Ministry of Women’s Children’s and Youth Affairs (MOWCYA) will review our Dossier and Home Study and then (hopefully) approve our adoption request.
  • We have been told that we will receive our referral in 3 – 6 months.
  • Upon receiving our referral, we will then await final clearance from Ethiopia for our court date.
  • We will make 2 trips to Ethiopia.  The 1st trip will be a lot of legal stuff where we go through the Ethiopian court system to become the legal parents of our new children.  We will return to the U.S. (without our children) and then a month or two later will return to Ethiopia to finalize everything to actually take custody of our children and bring them back home.

We would appreciate it if you would keep the following in your prayers for us…

  1. The Ethiopian children that God has picked out for us.
  2. The Ethiopian caregivers that are or will be taking care of our children.
  3. The Ethiopian officials reviewing our paperwork.
  4. Continued patience, trust, and growth for our family through this process.
  5. Peace for me regarding the financial obligations involved with this process.
  6. Peace for Cassie regarding the unknown family and social dynamics and changes that will occur.
Thanks to all of you who are keeping our family in your thoughts and prayers while we go through this process.  It means so much to us when you ask for an update.  Hopefully this has helped to bring you up to speed!

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  1. Debbi Green said

    Thanks for the update. I’ll be praying for God to create a smooth pathway for the whole adoption process.

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