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Ethiopian Court Trip – Post 2

Posted by Brian Borgman on January 29, 2012


As we posted on Facebook this past week, we passed court which means Titus is officially ours.  It was a bit nerve-wracking; as our group was the last group called to see the judge.  She asked us 5 or 6 questions about our current family, our understanding of what we were getting ourselves into, and also wanted to be sure that we would help Titus to understand his Ethiopian heritage as he grows up.  Once we answered all of those questions, she said they had all of our paperwork and we were approved as Titus’ parents.  It was quite an emotional 5 minutes!

The next step is to wait for the U.S. to do their research on Titus’ background and their approval for us to bring him into the country and home with us. So, while he is legally our son, we had to leave him at the West Sands Transition House (where he is getting great care) in Ethiopia until we get the U.S.’ final approval.

While we were very anxious to get home to see our other two boys, it was very difficult leaving Titus and heading home…much more difficult than I anticipated.  We simply pray that the U.S. will be quick in their process and give us the clearance we need quickly to bring Titus home.

Thank you all for your prayers during our adoption process and specifically last week while we were in Ethiopia…please keep them coming!  While we cleared a big hurdle in the process last week, we still have some more time before everything is finalized and we can bring Titus home.

God is so good!  It is amazing to see Him at work in our lives and others’ lives through this process.  To think that approximately 1 year ago we were still “undecided” as to whether or not this “adoption thing” was something we wanted to do.  Wow!!  What a difference a year makes….and to think what we would have missed out on if we would have chosen a different path and decided not to follow God’s calling!  While this has been quite an emotional roller coaster for us, it has been a very humbling experience to step out in faith and see the joy that God can bring when we choose to follow His will for our lives.

I would encourage each of you, wherever you are in your faith, to challenge God to show Himself in a mighty way in your life.  However, you have to listen for His reply and then be willing to step out in faith and obedience to His calling.  Most of the time, it is easier to “hear” than to actually “act” .  What tug are you feeling in your heart right now?  Pray that God will give you the strength and the courage to step out and follow His leading in your life.

P.S.  This trip certainly impacted me in many ways.  Part of that was from the people we met and the things we were able to see and be a part of.  I was amazed at the extremes in the country…both positive and negative.  I hope in my next post to share my thoughts and feelings regarding Ethiopia and it’s people.


6 Responses to “Ethiopian Court Trip – Post 2”

  1. jeshaugal said

    I am very happy for you, your family, and you newest family member, Titus. God bless you and your family!

  2. Anonymous said

    Hey guys….Titus looks real healthy!! We’ve seen some other little ones not look so good. I’m so glad this is working out for you and your family!
    Jennifer Fehl

  3. marcyky said

    Ben and I can’t wait to meet Titus! He’s so adorable!

  4. Cannot stop crying!! He is so beautiful. I am so, so happy for you all. Much love and many prayers as you wait to hold him again.

  5. Matthew Breetz said

    Hi Brian, I got your blog from Steve Klimesh, my bro. As you know, we are also in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. We have been on our wait list since August 2011 and we are now #98. You moved so quickly!!! I would love to talk to you or your wife sometime as maybe we should switch to your agency. We are being told it could be another 2 years to get our referral.

    • Hello, Matthew. I’d love to talk with you about our process/agency. Unsure what all would be involved with a switch on your end. I can be reached at 502.802.3987.

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