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Myrtle Beach Condo Auction Fundraiser Winner

Posted by Brian Borgman on March 24, 2012

Congratulations to Brigette Stapleton of Newport News, VA for winning our Myrtle Beach Condo Auction Fundraiser!  Brigette’s winning bid was $700.  We want to not only congratulate Brigette but also thank her for her generous donation to our adoption of Titus.

A huge thank you also goes out to our friends, Jeff & Karen Omer, for offering up their Myrtle Beach Condominium for this fundraiser.  Obviously, this would not have been possible were it not for their generous offer.

Last but not least, thanks to all of you that help spread the word throughout Facebook.  The fact that a friend of a friend that we have never met is now supporting us in our adoption process, is truly amazing and humbling! We sincerely appreciate all the support and prayers of all of our friends past and present that are joining us on this adoption journey!  THANK YOU!!


2 Responses to “Myrtle Beach Condo Auction Fundraiser Winner”

  1. Brigitte Stapleton said

    Thank you! My children &I feel truely blessed that we will be able to take a well needed break.Only because of the generocity & love shown.I couldn’t of afforded to take my children to such a nice place….God has his way of putting people where he wants them,I know it was meant to be.We can’t wait to see photos of your family united. Love Your Sister In Christ Brigitte,Devon,DraikeShayla,Baby Brigitte

  2. Anonymous said

    I came across your blog through a friend. We are adopting through lifeline with the ethiopia program too! I would love to touch base with you about your experiences so far, the transition home and your experiences post first trip. Have you guys been submitted to embassy yet? Our blog is My email is linked on there.


    Kayla 🙂

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