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We are the Borgmans…a family of 4 striving to keep Jesus Christ as the  focal point of our lives while teaching our children the same.  Cassie and I  (Brian) met in Tennessee while attending Milligan College.  Cassie  graduated with a degree in Elementary Education; teaching for 5 years until we started our family.  I graduated with a degree in Health Care  Administration; working in health care, office supplies, recruiting, and finally settling in communications technology.  Cassie and I were blessed  with our 1st son, Trenton, in 2000 and blessed with our 2nd son, Garrett,  in 2003.

God has had our family on quite the adventure over the last few years.  In 2009, at the height of the best economy of my career (insert laughter here), I helped start a new communications technology company called Unified Technologies… (shameless plug).  In 2010, after much prayer and conversation, Cassie and I decided to pull our boys out of public school and started homeschooling.  We started what we refer to as Borgman Academy…an ultra-private school with extremely high standards (so say our boys).  This decision has been a wonderful experience for our family, and we wish we would have made it sooner then we did.

The latest adventure God is calling us on is adoption.  We are just now beginning this adventure and are sincerely praying for God’s leading in this endeavor.  Our hope is to use this adoption as a platform to show God’s love, guidance, and His hope and desire for all to know Him…including those with little to no hope.


9 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Robb Bashore said

    Brian, you are a great example for many including myself in the way you lead your life and strive to keep your priorities in check. I feel fortunate and blessed to be connected with you as a business professional and friend. Keep up the good work! You are lighting up Louisville in many ways!

  2. So excited for your new journey! I didn’t know you guys were homeschooling! I did it for 7 years and it was such a wonderful time for our family. So thankful we did it! Thrilled for you with the adoption news, too. (And a little jealous!) 🙂 Will you be adopting multiple children? Can’t wait to see what God does. Much love to you guys!

  3. Matthew and Sandra Breetz said

    Hi Brian and Cassie,

    Cassie , it was so nice to hear from you last week. I’ve been following the blog in hopes to hear news about your second court date. My family is praying for you that Titus will be home soon.

  4. Sandra and Matt Breetz said

    Have you all heard any news from Ethiopia?

    We are praying for you to bring Titus home soon.

    • Thanks for the continued prayers. Unfortunately, we haven’t hear anything new at this point. We’re just trying to stay as busy as possible (to help the time go faster!) and trying to get the house prepared for a baby…something we haven’t had to worry about for a number of years!

  5. Anonymous said

    Hello Brian and Cassie 🙂 I absolutly adore your families story. Titus is a beautiful little boy!! Our Family is about to start the adoption process ourselves and have been led to Ethiopia!! We are so very excited to get this process started. We have talked to Lifeline and are considering them as our agency but were wanting to get some honest input from people that used them. If you would be willing to help us out with that we would be so very gratful!! Thank you for sharing your story it absolutly blesses families like us in the beginning stages just feel at ease. You can email me at cortney.newman@yahoocom 🙂

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